Our brand determines how people outside of our organization view us but our culture determines how people inside our organization view us. Both play a vital role in determining the success of our organization. Unfortunately, many of us make the often, fatal mistake of paying a lot of attention to our brand and very little attention to our culture. 

We live in the era of social media where we personally spend the majority of our time trying to portray an incredible life being lived out, rather than actually living one. The same is true for many of our organizations. The values and beliefs that we portray through our branding and marketing are not necessarily the values and beliefs that we live through our culture. If our branding is inconsistent with our culture, we run the risk of losing team members or worse yet, keeping team members that have lost their ownership and connection to the purpose of the organization.  

Our culture should match our branding and there are two keys to shaping the culture of an organization. Communicate and execute.

Execution comes through doing but before we can execute on anything we have to clarify what we are trying to achieve and then communicate it to our team. Culture needs to be communicated and displayed from the top down. As a company grows, it can become more difficult for the leader(s) to communicate on an individual level with the team members. 

One of the best ways to communicate with a growing team is to create videos that can be shared and re-shared. 

Here are 3 Ways Videos Can Improve Company Culture: 

  1. Communicate Values- Our values are our why. They answer the question, “Why do we do what we do?” Without a clearly articulated and communicated set of values, our team may know what we are doing but they won’t know why we are doing it. If our team members are able to watch a video that helps them to understand why we are doing something, they are much more likely to put their heart and soul into it.

  2. Communicate Beliefs- Our beliefs shape what we do. Beliefs are the lens through which we view the world. If our teams believe that what they are doing is somehow connected to the way they view the world, it’s much easier to guide them towards doing the things that are going to move the company forward.

  3. Communicate Attitudes- Our attitudes shape how we do our work. Ultimately if we feel good about the work that we are doing, we are going to enjoy it more. When we enjoy what we are doing it makes us want to work hard and do a better job. Once we start seeing success, we enjoy our job even more which makes us work even harder. It’s a cycle. If we can communicate positive attitudes about and towards the work we are doing, from the top down, the culture of our companies will be healthy and exciting.

This past year we produced a series of company culture videos for Demos’ Restaurants that you can watch below. 


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