My wife is the queen of creating amazing experiences for the people around her. She is possibly the most hospitable person that I have ever met. When throwing a party, she thinks of every detail even down to the invitations (because in her mind that is part of the experience). The invitation is a sneak peak at what the party will be like. If the invitation is lame, the party will probably be lame. 

Can you imagine throwing a party and sending out lame invitations or worse yet, sending no invitations at all?

Well….businesses do this all the time. 

We spend a ton of time and effort planning and creating our business yet we have put very little thought into how we are going to let people know about our business.

Is this you? If so, I have 3 questions that you can ask yourself that will help you start figuring out How To Get Started With Marketing Your Business:

  1. What Problem Am I Solving? Successful businesses solve problems for their customers. More than likely you are already doing this every day and you simply need to figure out how to clearly and concisely say what problem you solve for your customers. If you can make your customers’ lives better they will want to hear what you have to say. 

  2. Who Am I Solving The Problem For? Who is my ideal customer? Who is the person or group of people that have the problem that I can solve?

  3. How Are They Going To Find Out About Me? What messaging and what medium(s) will I use to let them know that I have the solution to their problem?

Once you are able to answer these 3 questions, you will be well on your way toward creating a powerful marketing strategy that will connect you with your ideal customers.

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